Colours Races 2015- Full Report

After what seemed like the longest week of lectures imaginable, Saturday the 14th of March had finally arrived for the men and women, novices and seniors, of Trinity. All of those long hours, early mornings and sore limbs finally led to our first taste of racing season- and what better a race than the University Boat Races against our age-old rivals from University College Dublin. Throngs of spectators lined the quays in anticipation for each race with a peleton-like swarm of cyclists and three open-top buses in hot pursuit from O’ Connell Bridge down to Guinness’ Brewery.

Ashley Duane and Mark Lavelle showing their support

Ashley Duane and Mark Lavelle showing their support

As the clock approached 4pm, conditions were good- dry and a light East-wind to help carry the crews down the course. In the Sally Moorhead Cup, DULBC’s novices made light work of the women from UCDLBC in what was soon to be an historic day for rowing in Trinity. All eyes turned to the DUBC novices next,looking to retain the Dan Quinn shield won so dramatically the year before. The defeat of the second novice crew the evening before in the Goonan Cup was fresh in their minds no doubt as they  backed onto the starting boat. Trinity charged out of the blocks to take an early lead by the Ha’penny Bridge, a lead which they would go on to extend the whole way down the course. Indeed, keen observers on the bank took note of how well the crew rowed considering all of them had only taken up an oar in September. They crossed the finish line lengths ahead of their UCD counterparts, the verdict- easily. Well done to all of the crew and their coaches Charles Cunningham and Mike Ryder. A fantastic that result that points hopefully towards better things to come.

The Dan Quinn ready to blast off the North Station

The Dan Quinn ready to blast off the North Station

The winning Dan Quinn crew- Bow: J. Redmond, R. Dullagh, J. Gavin, D.  Healy, C. MacGuinness, C. DeCourcy, D. Pierse, Stk: A. Merle, Cox: A. O' Donnell

The winning Dan Quinn crew- Bow: J. Redmond, R. Dullagh, J. Gavin, D. Healy, C. MacGuinness, C. DeCourcy, D. Pierse, Stk: A. Merle, Cox: A. O’ Donnell

The next race of the day, the Corcoran Cup for Women’s Senior Eights proved to be a cracker. UCDLBC took an early lead off the start which they held for most of the way down the course- however, they found the DULBC crew impossible to shake off. Despite stretching the lead to 3/4 of a length at one stage, inch by inch the Ladies clawed them back,finally overtaking their opposition within the last 500m just coming out of Watling St. bridge. Everything was poised for a potential clean sweep as the Senior Men took to the water just after 5pm!

Ready to make history- the Gannon VIII- Bow: A. Browne, W. Doyle, J. Magan, M. Corcoran, P. Moreau, M. Kelly, L. Hawkes, Stk: D. Butler, Cox: C. Flynn

Ready to make history- the Gannon VIII- Bow: A. Browne, W. Doyle, J. Magan, M. Corcoran, P. Moreau, M. Kelly, L. Hawkes, Stk: D. Butler, Cox: C. Flynn

Despite some delays on the way to the start, both crews came onto the start just after the scheduled time of 5:30pm. It seemed as though the crowd had doubled in size as both crews strained to hear umpire Leo Gibsons’ instructions a midst the cacophony of noise at O’ Connell bridge. As both coxes lowered their hands, the starter’s flag dropped and we were off! As expected, UCD gunned it off the start in order to make the advantage of the North station count as much as possible. However, it was Trinity who went in to an early 2-seat lead as the crews reached the Ha’penny bridge. By Capel St. this was half a length and stretching. Despite a valiant UCD charge around the Four Courts, Trinity managed to break contact at the halfway mark and really sit back on the lead. From then on, the victory never looked in any doubt as the Senior VIII crossed the line with about 3/4 of a length of open water to spare securing an historic clean sweep.


Storming into the lead through Capel St. bridge

Storming into the lead through Capel St. bridge

Next for the Senior squad will be a week of grueling testing followed by the opportunity to race some quality international crews at the Eights Head of the River on the Tideway in London. As for the Novices, all eyes now turn to Irish University Championships and a host of other domestic regattas.

Home and dry after a great win!

Home and dry after a great win!

Many thanks to all involved in Saturdays’ wins, to Tony O’ Sullivan and Peter Wolfe for the stunning photographs, and for the continued support as always- roll on racing season!

** COLOURS RACES 2015 **

Don’t forget to come and support DUBC and DULBC at the Annual Colours Races on the Liffey this Saturday the 14th.

4 pm- Novice Women- Sally Moorhead Trophy

4:30 pm- Novice Men- Dan Quinn Shield

5 pm- Senior Women- Corcoran Cup

5:30 pm-Senior Men- Gannon Cup 

Not forgetting the reserve boat fixtures that will take place in Islandbridge on Friday the 13th

5:30 pm- Novice Women II- The Goonette Cup

6 pm- Novice Men II- The Goonan Cup

We hope to see as many alumni as possible down to support!

7th March

Dublin Head of the River 2015

6 Trinity 8s descended the Weir last Saturday to take part in the annual Dublin Head of the River in challenging conditions of up to 40 mph winds. This wasn’t to prevent further domination of the domestic head season however.

The Senior VIII pushing through to Capel St. bridge

The Senior VIII pushing through to Capel St. bridge


The Intermediate 8+ hot on the heels of the Senior boat

Although poorly subscribed, the first VIII comfortably collected the pennant for men’s Senior VIIIs with the Intermediate VIII finishing just behind, collecting the Intermediate Pennant well ahead of the chasing pack. Although competition was not quite what it was at Erne Head last weekend, as coach Nick Dunlop made clear, there is no substitute for race experience- this was particularly relevant of course for the Senior and Novice 8s who will race over the very same course in the Colours Race against UCD this coming weekend.

The Goonan Crew looking good at halfway

The Goonan Crew looking good at halfway

As for the Novice squad, although their first choice Colours 8 chose not to race, the “Goonan” crew put in a fantastic performance finishing only 8 seconds off UCD’s first Novice Boat which will give them a big boost coming into the Goonan fixture this coming Friday at 5:30pm in Islandbridge. A word of congratulations also to the third Novice VIII who, when thrown together somewhat last minute, still put in a stellar performance in tough conditions. This is testament to the commitment of both the rowers and coaches, Charlie Cunningham and Mike Ryder- well done all and well rowed Trinity!

The Goonan Crew- don't forget to come and support on Friday at 5:30pm!

The Goonan Crew- don’t forget to come and support on Friday at 5:30pm!



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28th February

Erne HOR 2015

6 kilometers. 18 minutes of hovering perilously close to your physical edge. Add howling wind and rain for good measure- for most, it’s one of those “why do I even row?” days. Not for this DUBC squad however, who stamped their authority on the Irish Head season with some cracking racing this weekend.

The Senior 8+ driving for home

The Senior 8+ driving for home


The DUBC senior/intermediate squad placed 1st and 3rd respectively overall, collecting the pennants for Senior and Intermediate VIIIs. Not only did both 8s beat both of the hotly fancied High-Performance entries from Rowing Ireland, but the Senior 8+ even broke the long-standing course record in a blistering 18 minutes, 22 seconds. Not forgetting of course our “Bucket 4+”, who picked up the pennant for Intermediate 4+/4x in an equally impressive time given the tough conditions. Well done to all.

Remnants of the victorious Club 1 4+

Remnants of the victorious Club 1 4+

The Intermediate 8+ powering away in the distance

The Intermediate 8+ powering away in the distance

As for our Novices, coach Charlie Cunningham made a bold move, entering them in the Club 1 VIIIs category, racing against some slick and seasoned crews. Throwing caution to the wind, this years newcomers shifted their boat well finishing well ahead of their Novice opposition who will undoubtedly contest the Championship with them this summer. Full results are available here with a further write-up available here.

Hard work paying rewards yet again- now we look forward to the Dublin Head next weekend, and of course, Colours.

Well rowed Trinity!



7th February

Lagan HOR 2015

Saturday the 7th of February brought the senior and novice squads what they had spent all winter dreaming about- the beginning of the racing season with Lagan Head of the River in Belfast. After a period of squad testing and tinkering, coach Nick Dunlop settled on his top 16 with two senior coxed fours and an intermediate 8 entered in the afternoon head. As well as this, DUBC had numerous scullers entered in the morning head, eager to take on the local opposition.

In the first head, 2700 meters long, DUBC had great success in small boats. David Dalrymple took home the pennant for Club 1 scull and Jeremy Dover won in the senior category. Moreover, our Club 1 double navigated the course expertly to post an impressive time in tough conditions. Full results are available here.

Jeremy Dover cruises to victory in Senior sculls

Jeremy Dover cruises to victory in Senior sculls






Dave Dalrymple winning the Club 1 pennant

Dave Dalrymple winning the Club 1 pennant

In the afternoon head, longer at 4200 meters, DUBC were left disappointed when the opposition, for want of a better phrase, “turned and fled”. An encounter with Queen’s University Belfast’s senior 8 that the intermediate 8 had been relishing since entries came out was quashed when they turned out only half of their top oarsmen. In the senior coxed fours, DUBC were left to fight for pennant themselves when a Neptune entry failed to show up. However, this was not to ruin the days racing as DUBC turned on the style, cruising to victory in both events as by far the fastest boats on show. Full results of race 2 are available here.


The Intermediate 8+

The Intermediate 8+

Senior 4+ A

Senior 4+ A

Senior 4+ B

Senior 4+ B

Congratulations also to our 3 novice 8s that took to the river, each posting impressive times considering it was their first real taster of racing at this level. An invaluable experience that will stand them in good stead come Erne Head in a couple of weeks.

The “A” Novice 8+

Excellent signs of a hard Winter paying off. Well rowed Trinity!


December 27th

Training Camp, Enniskillen

Having broken up at the end of the semester with the Trial VIIIs style races in Newry, the Senior squad took to Lough Erne for four days of intensive water work. Setting up our base at the Robert Northridge Boathouse, home to Portora Royal School’s rowing team, we were lucky to be blessed with flat calm water for most of the camp which lent to an extremely productive few days.

"Sharp Catches"

“Sharp Catches”

The DC Comics 4

The DC Comics 4


Armed with the mantra of “mileage makes champions”, each day comprised of a long morning paddle with a shorter, more intense session in the afternoon. Two coxed 4s, two pairs (brand new Fillippi’s) a double, and an array of sculls featured in every outing with the fleet of boats being quite the spectacle for onlookers. The long stretches of river enabled that which remains elusive in Islandbridge- constant rowing for hours on end with no time wasted spinning.


The Senior Squad-Glad to be finished after a good 4 days work

The Senior Squad-Glad to be finished after a good 4 days work

Sculling in the Winter's sun

Sculling in the Winter’s sun



All in all, the camp proved to be a resounding success which will no doubt be hugely beneficial for the coming season. Sincerest thanks to Derek Holland for allowing the use of the Portora facilities, and to the coaches Nick Dunlop, Colm Butler and Charles Cunningham- thanks also to Phil Browne, John Connors, Mick Doyle. And finally, a special thanks to Ciara Sheehan, last years senior coxswain who gave up time to cox during the camp during her holidays from Imperial College London. Well rowed Trinity, and here’s to a successful 2015!


December 12th, 2014

Christmas VIIIs

20 Members of DUBC’s Senior/Intermediate squad took to the Newry Canal on a cold winter’s morning to bring back an old Boat Club Tradition – “Trial VIIIs”. Despite the frigid weather, conditions could not have been more perfect. The combination of great weather and the change of scenery from Islandbridge lent to an excellent day’s rowing before breaking for Christmas. Over two sessions, the squad battled it out in side-by-side pieces that will no doubt serve as vital experience for the coming season.

An old tradition returns- Trial VIIIs on the Newry Canal

An old tradition returns- Trial VIIIs on the Newry Canal

Trial VIIIs 1979- Newry

Trial VIIIs 1979- Newry

Many thanks are in order to Tony Dooley for allowing the use of a brand new Fillippi 8+ for the day, as well as to the coaches and oarsmen that travelled. We can only hope for conditions as good for the forthcoming Winter training camp in Enniskillen after Christmas!


December 6th, 2014

Muckross HOR

DUBC’’s novice squad have been hard at work these past few weeks learning their trade under the watchful eyes of Development Officer Charlie Cunningham, club legend Mike Ryder and current senior squad invalid Liam Hawkes. Last weekend saw them rewarded with their first real taste of racing at Muckross Head of the River at the National Rowing Centre, Cork.

Some of DUBC's Novice Squad

Some of DUBC’s Novice Squad

4 DUBC 8s took to the water with nearly nothing to choose between the crews, a pleasing indicator of depth within the squad. Full results are available here.

Many thanks to all those who volunteered to drive down for what was a truly valuable experience, especially as the squad look to build towards racing season through the Christmas period. As Mike Ryder said afterward, “it made them realise that they actually get down the course much faster when they row together!” Well rowed Trinity!


November 8th, 2014

Neptune HOR and Celebration Dinner

This year’s Neptune Head of the River proved to be another success for DUBC. Despite the battling conditions that the 4km Blessington course threw up, the Inter 4+ pennant was retained in style, clocking in at a quicker time than even the coxless 4s in the senior event. With the two other DUBC entries coming a close second and third, this result definitely throws down the gauntlet for the coming year.

The winning Intermediate 4+ - (Bow) Mark Lavelle, Patrick Moreau, Brian McHenry, (Stk.) David Butler, Cox: Aine McConville

The winning Intermediate 4+ – (Bow) Mark Lavelle, Patrick Moreau, Brian McHenry, (Stk.) David Butler, Cox: Aine McConville

Not be forgotten of course that DUBC also had numerous scullers braving the winter wash (a far cry from the shelter of an 8!) with 3 finishing in the top 10 of the Inter 1x category. An appropriately epic video of the event can be seen here, courtesy of Garda Boat Club.10397832_751224248296250_8334042696666475017_n

Michael Corcoran racing the Intermediate 1x

Michael Corcoran racing the Intermediate 1x

This successful showing was celebrated that evening at the Long Term Committee’s Celebration Dinner for those that rowed in the winning All-Ireland Intermediate 8 at the championships this year. Many thanks is owed to Des Hill and the Long Term Committee for organising the wonderful evening which gave current members a great chance to interact with alumni once again. With the current health of the club, one can hope to celebrate even more next year!10005904_10202871967751578_1319824761133030477_o

Intermediate 8+ Champions of Ireland (From left to right) - Mark Kelly, Patrick Moreau, Michael Corcoran, Ciara Sheehan, David Butler, Ian Hurley, John Magan. Missing: Liam Hawkes, Alexander McElroy

Intermediate 8+ Champions of Ireland (From left to right) – Mark Kelly, Patrick Moreau, Michael Corcoran, Ciara Sheehan, David Butler, Ian Hurley, John Magan. Missing: Liam Hawkes, Alexander McElroy


October 26th, 2014
Dublin Sculling Ladder 2014 & Squad Trials

Saturday the 11th of October saw all of DUBC’s senior/inter panel take to the water for the 49th Dublin Sculling Ladder. Rowed in beautiful conditions over the winding 1.9km course in Islandbridge, the standard of sculling on show from Trinity was a promising indicator of things to come this year, with the rapid improvement in the members of last year’s Novice Crew being particularly noteworthy.
Congratulations to Patrick Hughes on being DUBC’s fastest athlete placing 7th overall. DUBC were unlucky to come a very close second in the overall clubs competition to Commercial R.C. and so full praise is in order to all those that went out and rowed their hardest. Full results are available here.
The following weekend saw the senior/inter panel take to the water once more for an important squad sculling trial, only this time twice the distance with the scullers spinning at the top of the river by the pipe before coming back down to the wires again. Conditions this time were not so pleasant with a strong flow on the river as well as a stiff headwind; thus, coxswains Aine McConville and Cian Flynn, accompanied by current club invalid Liam Hawkes, followed the scullers to avoid any major incidents. Thankfully the conditions did not have any adverse effect on the honest effort expended by all involved, much to the delight of Head Coach Nick Dunlop. The following week, a 30 minute ergometer test was held in the sports centre in order to finalise crew selection for the upcoming Neptune Head of the River on November the 8th, the crews for which shall be posted in front arch the Monday beforehand.
We look forward to what we hope shall be another successful day’s racing for DUBC.



June 10th, 2014

Queen’s University Boat Race 2014



DUBC crews, coaches at alumni after the Novice and Inter VIII's won their races at the 10th Queen's University Boat Race

DUBC crews, coaches at alumni after the Novice and Inter VIII’s won their races at the 10th Queen’s University Boat Race

This year DUBC fielded both a Senior and Fresher crew at Queen’s University Boat Race. This was the tenth annual Race and as such Queens were well and truly pumped for it. The event was yet again a fantastic day out and a brilliant example of how a regatta can be run even with the torrents of rain.

The Beginner crew had a lot to prove. Not only the rowers but the backroom staff as well with our Development coach Charles Cunningham going head to head against his alma mater. Queen’s Novices had just returned from a successful British University and Colleges Sport (BUCS) Regatta and our novices didn’t want this momentum to be carried back onto the Irish scene.

The Intermediate squad were chosen to race against Queen’s Senior men. Their preparation was disrupted, however, by two injuries one only two days prior to the race forcing a last minute crew reshuffle.

The crews arrived in Belfast on the Saturday, paddled the course and were then welcomed to Belfast Boat Club for dinner. We then came to consensus that the Antrim side of the course would be more advantageous. Having won the toss, our representative, Conor Ryan, picked the Antrim side and as a result, the crew knew that they would be down off the start by upwards of a length.

The Fresher race began at 3:30 in the lashings of rain and in the end they cruised to victory by more than four lengths. These men should be confident now heading into the last two races of the season with the hopes of emulating last years novice crew at the National Championships.

DUBC Novice VIII storm home to an emphatic victory over QUB

DUBC Novice VIII storm home to an emphatic victory over QUB – Crew: Kate Salley (c), Barry Maguire (s), Mark Lavelle, Jody Carroll, Ashley Duane, John McAlister, Rob Keogh, Stephen Croke, Tom Arnold (b)

The Senior race was a far less comfortable affair. In the first five hundred metres, Queens took a length far too easily and pushed on to make it about a length and a half by the time the crews reached the Ormeau bridge. The crew finally managed to turn the tide through those arches and began to eat into QUBC’s clearwater lead and seat by seat, man by man they pushed through the opposition taking it to a three quarters of a length advantage. Queens went for a grandstand finish in the last 250 metres but Trinity clung onto their lead to win.

DUBC Intermediate VIII after beating Queen's to claim the 10th Queen's University Boat Race

DUBC Intermediate VIII after beating Queen’s to claim the 10th Queen’s University Boat Race – Crew: Cian Flynn (c), Killian Dunne (s), Brian McHenry, Patrick Moreau, Michael Corcoran, Conor Ryan, Cian Griffin, Reuben Cruise, Scott Addison (b)


Once again we thank Queens for the invite to an excellent competion and we look forward to further involvement in the coming years.

Scott Addison (Bow)

(Photos of the day are available here)

May 19th, 2014

Firstly, apologies for the delay in an update from the website, exams/training schedule meant it got left on the side. This records sec promises to update more frequently now all that “College” nonsense is out of the way, and the rowing season is in full swing!

University Championships

DUBC has had an excellent start to the racing season. The week after Neptune regatta, DUBC travelled to Cork for a weekend of racing on Inniscarra. The university championships on the Friday were a chance for DUBC to announce its revival at senior level after a disappointing end to the Gannon Cup and a strong performance winning Dublin HOR. It was also a chance for the Intermediate men to compete against strong competition since both UCD and NUIG entered their top crew’s at Club and intermediate level respectively. Aside from the main competition in the 8s it was also an opportunity for DUBC members to try their hand at smaller boats that they may not normally race in.

Overall it was a hugely successful day for the club, across all levels. The novice men began the day well qualifying 2 of their crews for the final later on in the day, unfortunately they were just beaten by the UCD crew they had topped a few weeks previously in the Dan Quinn shield. Their were still promising signs though, given the second crew finished 4th.  While disappointing they would get a chance at redemption at Skibereen regatta the very next day.

In smaller boats DUBC put in very strong performances considering many of the crews racing had never rowed together before race-day. Luke Acheson and Alex McElroy finished 2nd in a strong field in Intermediate 2x. The Men’s club 4 of David Butler(s), Liam Hawkes(3), Mark Kelly(2), Michael Corcoran(b) and Ciara Sheehan(c) were just beaten by UCD in the Club 4s event. DUBC also put in a strong performance finishing 3rd in intermediate 4x. All these results, while not victories, gave Trinity points towards their goal of retaining the title for overall University Champions.

DUBC’s strongest performances were in the 8s, however. In the Club event, a crew made up of some members of the Senior boat and some from the Intermediate were unfortunate to lose out to UCD by less than half a length, this is the UCD crew that beat DUBC in the Gannon cup and the very same that would be competing later on for the Senior title. The intermediate boat also put in a great performance against NUIG’s top boat, again coming close but just losing out. More precocious points however.

UCD’s wins in the Novice and Club 8s meant they had secured the Wiley cup for Men’s 8s before the senior race began. Aside from this however, DUBC had the chance to race the UCD crew that won the Gannon Cup and a very strong NUIG crew for the Senior 8s trophy, a title DUBC had not held in a number of years. After a tough first half of the race, DUBC pulled out to a commanding lead before the 1250 and ended up comfortable winners by over a length from NUIG(2nd) and UCD(3rd). DUBC were the fastest university crew in the country for the first time in recent memory (in fact nobody can quite remember the last win, any ideas do let us know!)


DUBC Senior VIII – Irish University Champions 2014

The Trinity senior eight receive their tankards from Hamish Adams, the Rowing Ireland chief executive, after their win at the Irish Universities’ Championships. From left: Alex McElroy, David Butler, John Magan, Ciara Sheehan (cox), Patrick Moreau, Liam Hawkes, Ian Hurley, Mark Kelly, Michael Corcoran.

While this was DUBC’s only win of the day, overall DUBC and DULBC retained the crown for the top university based on points to round off a day of strong performances from both clubs.

Skibbereen Regatta

Skibbereen regatta was again held the same weekend as the University Championhips  on Inniscarra. This gave DUBC crews another chance to race on the lake.

The Novice men bounced back from their loss the previous day to beat UCD and take the beginner 8s crown. This back and forth between the two crews looks set to continue all year and promises some exciting racing between now and the end of the season.

DUBC also took home the crown for division 1 men’s coxed fours, comfortable beating the UCD crew that had the better of them at Uni-Champs as well as an NUIG Grainne Mhaol composite crew.

The story of the day though was in the Men’s Division 1 8s. At senior level the only 2 crews entered were DUBC and NUIG/Grainne Mhaol that in some form or another had combined for 4 of the last 5 national championships. The heat was a relatively tame affair with DUBC getting ahead but both crews were well clear of the field and in no danger of qualification and so it was no more than a paddle home and get ready for the final.

The final proved to be a similar affair, both crews getting off to good starts, but DUBC having a slight edge which they pushed out around halfway and eventually stretched out to almost 2 lengths to win comfortably by 5 seconds. This topped off one the most successful weekend of racing for the club at senior level since the triumph in 2008 and set up an exciting battle at Trinity Regatta.


DUBC rowing home to a commanding victory over NUIG/Grainne Mhaol at Skibbereen Regatta.

Trinity Regatta

Trinity were overwhelmed with another record number of entries for our annual regatta, which again meant hosting some of the racing on the Friday.

Trinity also welcomed Reading Bluecoat school to the regatta, one of the top rowing schools in the UK, and they certainly showed their class, winning men’s J18 8+ & 4+, J16 8+ as well as men’s J15 8+ and 4X+. A great regatta for the school, and we hope to welcome them back in the future.

Given the regatta was being held over Easter weekend it was decided to hold a few events to get the local community involved, with things such as an easter egg hunt. The annual luncheon in the boathouse was also a great success, and the club would like to thank all those who attended.

Trinity Regatta Secretary Max Riegel, Luke Acheson, TCD Head of Sport Michelle Tanner and Susannah Cass at the luncheon.

Trinity Regatta Secretary Max Riegel, Bridget Collins, Luke Acheson, TCD Head of Sport Michelle Tanner and Susannah Cass at the luncheon.


It was unfortunate that what looked to be a scintillating lineup for the senior 8s race on Saturday did not materialize due to both UCD/Old Collegians and NUIG/Grainne Mhaol both electing not to race the event prior to the regatta.

As far as DUBC was concerned this meant a lack of opportunities at senior level, given the small entries in the Senior 4s as well, with two DUBC crews fighting out what turned out to be one of the races of the day.

The intermediate crew was again unfortunate against a strong UCD entry in 8s, and it was a similar story in the 4s.

The win of the day came from the novice men, who beat their UCD rivals in a close-fought race, with DUBC coming home with a little under half a length to take the title, again promising signs for their season.

DUBC Novice VIII - Trinity Regatta 2014

DUBC Novice VIII – Trinity Regatta 2014 (L-R) Barry Maguire, Tom Arnold, Jodie Carroll, John McAlister, Megan O’Donoghue-Kleenman, Rob Keogh, Ashley Duane, Mark Lavelle and Stephen Croke.


Overall, while there was a lack of DUBC wins, Trinity Regatta was still a rousing success, and the excellent weather contributed to a great turnout. We hope to continue to build on this and make the regatta an even bigger affair in coming years.

The Captain, Luke Acheson, and his committee would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped out with the regatta, the event would not have been nearly as successful without everyone’s help.

Photos of the day are available here (courtesy of Garda Boat Club) and here (courtesy of DUCAC)

Going Forward

Unfortunately due to timing, DUBC did not enter any crews at the recent Dublin Metro regatta. Instead we were looking on from stake boats and umpire’s launches as several of our members volunteered to help out for the day. Congratulations to the Metro committee running a successful regatta in challenging conditions.

Now that the pesky exams are out of the way, DUBC athletes are looking forward to a summer of excellent training, racing and hopefully success across all levels of the club. The plan for racing has not yet been solidified but we will try our best to keep old members updated as to our plans.

As mentioned earlier, we will endeavour to keep the website updated much more frequently than it has been all year, but for more up to the minute info, please follow us on social media:





April 8th, 2014

Trinity Regatta

Trinity Regatta turn of the century















This year’s instalment of one of Ireland’s oldest and most prestigious sporting events will take place on Saturday the 19th of April. Here are some of the important files pertaining to the Regatta: (also available on the Rowing Ireland website)

Trinity Regatta 2014 – Prospectus

Regatta Events 2014

Also for those of you wishing to attend the luncheon and tea at this year’s regatta, you can book your tickets online here.

We hope to see you all there on the day!

April 7th, 2014

Neptune Regatta


In a stunning reversal of last year’s decision to not participate in Neptune regatta; DUBC mustered as many men as could be found, considering Trinity ball on the Friday night, and entered crews in Novice 8s, Club 1 fours, a myriad of scullers, an Intermediate 4+, and a Senior 8.

The regatta stretched out over two days with some of the Dublin crews going tête-à-tête on the Friday evening. The feature of the Friday came from the intermediate 4 who overpowered Neptune in the final to cruise home for a victory and kick off what we thought could be a golden weekend.High numbers in the novice group meant there was still enough remaining beginners to enter two DUBC eights in the novice event.  With the Dan Quinn eight racing club 1 8s on the Saturday and a club 1 4+ on Friday evening it gave the impressive ‘Goonan’ Cup crew the chance to put it up to UCDs top novices. The Novice A 8 crew went down narrowly to UCD A and the novice B crew put on a spirited display and made it all the way to the final , where they too lost out to UCD A. On the Saturday morning the Club 8+ had a strong start and found themselves level with the more experienced UCD crew going around the bend only for one of the rowers oars to pop out of the gate which all but ended the contest. Development coach Charles Cunningham remains confident that with the crew having raced in the club event returning to row at novice level and the continued competition for seats the group will be able to overhaul UCD in the coming weeks at events including the Irish Universities, Skibbereen Grand league regatta and our very own Trinity Regatta all of which we will keep you posted with results.

There was less racing for DUBC on the Saturday where Luca Como was unlucky to lose out in the final of senior sculls having dispatched many of commercial’s best on his way there. Dillon Rooney faced down Sligo to claim the intermediate sculls. Meanwhile in an all DUBC affair Scott Addison won out against a determined Ben Slevin in Club 2 sculls.

The Senior 8 proved to be the toughest race of the day. DUBC went up against a Masters Commercial crew in the Semi and dispatched them quickly enough but they knew this Old Collegians/Commercial 8 would be a big ask. After a massive start by DUBC we saw Commercial creep back on us from 500m onwards until they broke around the minute mark bend and stretched out to about a three quarters of a length advantage. The last 400 metres saw DUBC stage an almighty fightback but it was all too little too late and the composite had them by half a length. This defeat was heartening however, with three men unavailable to us in the Senior 8, we weren’t that far behind a crew that featured some hugely experienced oarsmen. With University Champs only 6 days away, we feel that DUBC stands in good stead to do exceptionally well.

DUBC Wins:

Intermediate 1x (D. Rooney)

Club 2 1x (S. Addison)

Full Results will be posted as soon as they appear on Rowing Ireland.

March 25th, 2014

Apologies for the delay in posting about the Gannon Cup, a full report on the day’s racing is available here


March 11th, 2014

As we prepare for the fast-approaching Gannon Cup and Dan Quinn Shield (and let us not forget the Goonan!) the more nostalgic among us are drawn to this piece by an ex-DUBC and Yale oarsman, Karl Zinsmeister, on his experience rowing for DUBC. Coincidentally, our current coach, Nick Dunlop (capt. ’81) was a contemporary of his and was in the boat that raced Yale at Henley Royal Regatta. This is certainly worth a few minutes of your time:

Karl Zinzmeister on rowing for DUBC

March 9th, 2014

We are about to enter the final stages of Colours preparation coming into the last 7 days of training before the big event, this year being held on Sunday the 16th of March. Races will start at 9.30am (Novice women), 10am (Dan Quinn), 10.30am (Corcoran Cup) and 11am (Gannon Cup). DUBC has been training through all weather during the winter months and with so many cancellations of Head Races so far this season, Colours is set to be an unpredictable and exciting day of racing for all involved. Here is the 2014 Dan Quinn crew. We’re pumped for Colours 2014!

From left to right: Rob Keogh, Barry Maguire, Ashley Duane, Tom Arnold, Michael MacHugh, John McAlister, Mark Lavelle, Jody Caroll and Kate Salley.

From left to right: Rob Keogh, Barry Maguire, Ashley Duane, Tom Arnold, Michael MacHugh, John McAlister, Mark Lavelle, Jody Caroll and Kate Salley.

February 18th, 2014

Belatedly, we have finally received the photo from DUBC’s annual Christmas Commons, which took place on the 11th of December 2013. Continuing members of the club welcomed the new Novices into the club with customary open arms, and an excellent night was had by all. We look forward to 2014…


Jannuary 21st, 2014

training camp 2013

Twenty-four members of DUBC’s intermediate/senior squad (& coxswains) travelled to Enniskillen on December 28th for a brief training camp on the Erne. We could not have been more lucky with the weather while we were up there, each day we attempted to make the best of the day’s weather in case we were unable to train subsequent days, this resulted in us getting some serious mileage done in a very short amount of time.

The training was divided up between the 2 fours and smaller boats (2x,2-,1x) and aside from a (very) strong flow under the bridge  that would put the current current up at the pipes in Islandbridge to shame – which contributed to some very hairy moments! – The water conditions could not have been more perfect, with very little wind and minimal rain.

The “Spirit of the Camp” award goes to Messrs. Patrick Costello and Benjamin J. Slevin, for there tremendous bravery in the face of a broken gate, carrying their boat a distance of almost 2 miles through the town of Enniskillen

paddy & conor enniskillen

A depart from our previously annual Seville training camp, it seems as though it did serve to make the training more efficient, with at least the same, if not more, mileage done each day, although the weather may not have been as nice let us remember that we don’t race on flat continental waters and so hopefully it will serve us well some the spring/summer season.

Of course no training camp would be complete without some cross-training, and trust our Captain to lead from the front; going swimming even when the camp was over!

captain swimming enniskillen

We would like to thank Derek Holland and all those at Portora Boat Club for their hospitality over the few days, as well as our coaches that joined Nick Dunlop in the launch during the camp: John Mohan, Philip Browne and Robert Northridge.

More pictures of the camp are available here

December 25th, 2013

Merry Christmas from everyone here at DUBC!

As a Christmas present from us we present – with apologies – the belated 2013 newsletter, which is available here

December 24th, 2013

In Memoriam1492855_10153624255405447_1876632479_n

At this time of year we ask that you keep the friends and family of Thomas Blair in your thoughts. Ted was a member of DUBC’s senior VIII in 1958.

Blair, Thomas Frederick (“Ted”) P. Eng.

Passed away peacefully on Saturday December 21st, 2013 in Brampton at the age of 74. He will be lovingly remembered by his sons David and Allan (Teresa); daughter Heather, grandchildren David, James, Becky (Jared), Richard; great-grandson Nicholas, many extended family and friends.Ted was predeceased by his beloved wife of 33 years, Pat, back in 1996. Educated at Portora Royal School in Enniskillen, Ireland, and Trinity College Dublin. Two people will receive the gift of sight from Ted – “Be an organ donor!” Ted’s celebration of life will occur at Andrew’s Community Funeral Centre (8190 Dixie Rd., Brampton, ON. 905-456-8190.) on Saturday January 4th, 2014 at 1:00pm Please leave a message of condolence at www.andrewscommunintyfuneralcentre.com In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in Ted’s name to Toronto Odette Prostate Research Group, or the Brampton Civic Hospital.

November 10th, 2013

As a busy weekend for DUBC draws to the close we take a moment to recap for those who could not join us:


Neptune head was in essence the curtain-raiser for DUBC’s season, aside from the sculling ladder. The club chose to focus on two events: Men’s Inter 1x, 4+ with entries in 2x as well. This proved very successful for the club, taking the top 2 places in both events, as well as dominating the top 10 of the Inter 1x, with 7 of our scullers landing top 10 positions.

A full recap and results will be available here

Following a quick trailer loading, and with the boats safely secured to the trailer, we sped back (obeying all speed limits) to civilisation and warm showers to wash off the “Blessington” in preparation for the celebration dinner.

The dinner was a great success with equal amounts of old members and current members attending to celebrate the National Championship winning Novice VIII from last season. Many thanks go to Barry Crushell for hosting us once again in the Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club.

Photos from the night are available here courtesy of Jerry McCarthy


Sunday morning brought many of those who attended the dinner back together for our Remembrance Sunday ceremony at the War Memorial.

This was followed by the boat naming ceremony to name the two new pairs the club received from Mike Ryder and John Pearson over the summer. The boat donated by Mike Ryder was named Spirit of ’66, and John Pearson’s was named JP.

The club would like to take this opportunity to once again thank both John and Mike for their generosity. The club has already made great use of the two boats with our focus on small boats, and it is clear that we will continue to do so for years to come.

DUBC would also like to thank all those who came to the dinner on Saturday and to the boathouse on Sunday.

November 6th, 2013

The Boat club will be busy hosting events this weekend for current members and Old Boys alike. Here are the details:

Firstly on Saturday evening (9th November) the Boat Club will once again descend on the Stephen’s green club to celebrate another great season. The celebration will be in honour of the Novice VIII champions of Ireland, but also the Senior IV+ and their brave exploits at Henley Royal Regatta. Download your invitation here.

Location Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, 9 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2
Time Champagne Reception at 7.30pm followed by Dinner
Dress Black-tie
Price Alumni: €55, Students: €40
Booking Front Gate Online TCD Alumni link here to book & pay
Contact Barry Crushell
Payment Bank Transfer: A/C 48686048 Sort 903293Cheque: Barry Crushell, C/O Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, 9 St Stephens Green, Dublin 2PayPal: Barry Crushellbcrushell@gmail.com

Then, on Sunday the 10th, we will gather in Islandbridge at the Irish National War Memorial, to celebrate Remembrance Sunday. We will be remembering not only all those who lost their lives in the Great war but particularly those who were members of DUBC. The commemoration will begin at 10:30am with the traditional two minute silence being held at 11am.

Following the commemoration, there will be a boat-naming ceremony in the boat house to thank both Mike Ryder and John Pearson for their extremely generous donations of two brand new pairs over the summer.

Hope to see as many of you as possible both at the Dinner on Saturday, and the Memorial Service on Sunday.


Ian Hurley

Records Secretary 13-14

November 4th, 2013

Squad Update:

And so we reach the first milestone of this college year: Reading Week. This marks the halfway point of our first term.

The novices have been learning the ropes and have made excellent strides under the stewardship of our new Development Officer Charles Cunningham, joining us from Queen’s University.

The large senior crew has been hard at work as well. Having met our new Head Coach Nick Dunlop (Capt. ’81) and his panel of ex-DUBC oarsmen, it wasn’t long before a program was put in place and training began in earnest. All athletes on the squad have been putting in the miles during the week in single sculls, as well as other crew boats at the weekends. This substantial waterwork has been supplemented by sessions on the ergometer as well as weights sessions, both of which we can now complete on campus thanks to the erg gallery on the 4th floor of the sports centre as well as a weights room shared with Mark Pollock. This has helped to make our training more efficient and hopefully more effective.

The Dublin Sculling Ladder time trial was the first chance to show the speed and potential we have this year in DUBC, and show it we did. DUBC retained the Casey cup for the fastest 8 scullers in a club for the 4th consecutive year, beating Commercial and UCD. All 8 of these scullers finished in the top 30 of a field of over 200, while also completing the trial in under 7 minutes; albeit in favourable weather conditions.

Moving forward from this, the crew recently finished a week of testing which concluded in the selection of crews for the upcoming Neptune HOR in Blessington.

To give you an idea of the size of our upper squad, these are DUBC’s entries for Neptune head on Saturday the 8th of November:

Paul Mannix Luke Acheson (Capt) (GBR)
Ian Hurley Gianluca Como (ITA)
Patrick Costello IV Killian Dunne
Jamie Pounch F.M. McCormick Sch.
Alexander McElroy (GBR) Kacper Coulter (USA)
Liam Hawkes John Magan (BEL)
A.J. Nimai Rawlinson Conor Ryan
Michael Corcoran Samuel Keogh
Max Riegel (GER) Daniel Keegan (CAR)
Patick Moreau Ian Brennan
Jeremy Slevin Ben Dover
Cian Griffin (Boyle) S.F. Addison
Liam Hawkes (again) Mark Kelly
David Butler
Bow Louis Mahon Liam Hawkes
2 Luke Acheson David Butler
3 Gianluca Como Alexander McElroy
Stroke Mark Kelly Ian Hurley
Cox Aine McConville Ciara Sheehan
Kacper Coulter Conor O’Kelly
John Magan Patrick Costello

September 21st, 2013

Open Day

And so with the madness of Freshers’ week over, it came time to welcome many of the new members the Boat Club accumulated throughout the week.

There was a minor speed-bump in the plan for the open day when the coach that had been organised to cart the eager new faces out along the Quays as far as Islandbridge, failed to show up, leaving us with no other option than to shepherd several dozen people onto public buses.

That said it was only minor and when they eventually made it out, they were greeted by an apologetic and enthusiastic Luke Acheson, who welcomed them into the club and laid out the plans for the day.

Captain 13-14 Luke Acheson addresses the new recruits at the entrance to the Boathouse.
Captain 13-14 Luke Acheson addresses the new recruits at the entrance to the Boathouse.

Several “stations” were provided for the new crop of novices to introduce them to all aspects of the sport. From a chance to learn the basic technique in our tank, to a video presentation from Development Officer Colm Dowling. There was also an introduction to the ergometers as well as a breathtaking display of single sculling from Hon. Secretary Alex McElroy.

Unfortunately due to the initial delay we were forced outside to accommodate the ladies club who were also hosting their Open Day the same day, but the glorious weather meant high spirits all around as new members got to meet their future teammates and learn more about what makes rowing and DUBC so special.

All in all, a great success and a great start to the year, hopefully an omen of good things to come. We also look forward to seeing our new oarsmen thumping up and down the Liffey at Islandbridge in the near future!

More Photos from the day can be found on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/duboatclub


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