Complete Gannon Results

Ciarán Gannon

Ciarán Gannon was born in Co. Galway, having passed through Clongowes Wood College, entered University College, Dublin, in October 1933. He at once joined the College Boat Club and, in 1934, was a member of the Maiden VIII, which that year was unbeaten. Gannon was an enthusiastic oarsman and he loved the sport for its own sake. He was loyal to his club and he showed it by the manner in which he consistently gave of his best as a maiden, then as a junior, and finally, as a senior oarsman.

In 1937, he was elected Club Captain and in that capacity he showed his fitness in the field of rowing as a coach as well as oarsman, but also as an administrator. He threw all his energies into his work and during his captaincy, to which he was re-elected in 1938, University College Dublin Boat Club achieved a very high level of success. For the first time, the Club won the Wylie Cup and the Leander and Metropolitan Cups. Ciarán Gannon graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1939 and shortly afterwards went to England, where he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps with the rank of Captain. He served for a time in Egypt and then in India, going subsequently to Burma, where he was killed in 1944.

In recognition of his services to rowing generally and particularly to University College Dublin Boat Club, as well as in a tribute to his fine character and personality, his former associates and friends decided to perpetuate his memory by bringing to fruition the long contemplated and cherished plan for an annual race between University College Dublin and Dublin University. For this race, a perpetual challenge trophy, to be known as the Gannon Memorial Cup, was presented.

1947DUBC1 L6:55.4
1948UCDv1 1/4 L– 
1949DUBC1 3/4 L– 
1950No WinnerDead Heat
1951UCD3/4 L –
1952UCD1/2 L –
1953DUBC2 L –
1954UCD1/4 L7:48.8
1955DUBC3 1/2 L –
1956DUBC4 L –
1957No Race
1958No Race
1959DUBC1/3 L– 
1960UCD2/3 L– 
1961UCD1 1/4 L6:50
1962UCD3/4 L– 
1963DUBC1 1/2 L7:54
1964DUBC2 L7:02
1965DUBC1/3 L –
1966DUBC5 L6:56
1967DUBC5 L –
1968UCD2 L7:34
1969DUBC1 L6:47.5
1970UCD1 1/4 L –
1971UCD5 L6:16
1972UCD4 L6:32.7
1973UCD8 L7:48
1974UCD6 L7:27
1975UCD1 L6:29
1976DUBC5 L6:44
1977DUBC4 L6:58
1978DUBCNot Rowed Out –
1979DUBC2 L –
1980DUBC5 1/2 L6:41.7
1981DUBCConvincingly –
1982DUBC1 3/4 L –
1983UCD1/2 L –
1984DUBC2 L6:06
1985UCD3 L –
1986UCD4 L –
1987UCD3 L6:27
1988DUBC1 1/2 L –
1989DUBC4 1/2 L6:45
1990DUBC3 1/2 L6:22
1991UCDCanvas –
1992DUBC1 1/2 L –
1993DUBC2 1/2 L –
1994UCD1 1/2 L –
1995DUBC2 L –
1996DUBC5 L –
1997DUBC1/2 L –
1998DUBC4 L –
1999DUBC3 L –
2000DUBC1/2 L (rowed upstream from 2000)– 
2001UCD5 L –
2002UCD1 L (rowed at Islandbridge) –
2003DUBC3/4 L –
2004DUBCA Distance –
2005UCD1/2 L –
2006DUBC – –
2007DUBC – –
2008UCD – –
2009UCD1 L –
2010UCD – –
2011UCD4 L –
2012UCD1 L –
2013UCD – –
2014UCD – –
2015DUBC – –
2016UCD – –
2017UCD – –
2018DUBC – –
2019UCD2/3 L
2020No Race
2021No Race
2023UCD1/3 L