Q: What is the training program like in DUBC?

We have a hard training program in DUBC, however, it consists of many group sessions on the water, on the ergs and in the gym. There is also plenty of competition within the squad to keep everyone motivated. A normal week would consist of 11 sessions, including 3 S&C sessions in the High performance gym with the club’s very own S&C coach John Harman, 2 hard sessions, with one usually on the erg and the other a competitive session on the water in anything from single sculls to eights. The rest of the sessions are made up of steady state on the water in our fleet of pairs, fours and eights in Islandbridge or Blessington or on the erg or RP3.

 Q: Can you trial while rowing for DUBC?

We want to encourage maximum development of all of our athletes, whether that be from winning a novice championship to representing Ireland. If you show the drive, ambition and ability to represent Ireland, the club will support you in every way we can.

Q: How do the sport scholarships work?

There are 5 tiers of scholarships which are available to athletes in Trinity. The benefits for all sport scholarship athletes include extra access to the high performance gym, free medical support, physiotherapy and rehabilitation to help both prevent injury and recover quickly. There is also access to full physiological testing allowing for information such as VO2 max, personalised heart rate zones, body compositions and also identifying individual weaknesses in your physiology. Other supports include access to 1:1 personalised nutrition consultations, sports psychology and Rowing specific S&C advice from former Oxford Brookes coach John Harman. Along with these benefits, scholarship athletes receive a bursary from between €1,000 and €9000 depending on the level of the scholarship. These scholarships are a realistic goal with 3 scholarship awarded this year to DUBC athletes, 2 of which went to athletes who rowed as juniors.

Q: Where can I live in Dublin if I come to Trinity?

Accommodation in Dublin can be tricky as it can be expensive, however, if you are organised Trinity Hall is a very good option for someone coming into First year and looking to row. Halls is close to College and the boathouse, being around a 15 minute cycle to Trinity and a 20 minute cycle to the boathouse. There is also the added benefit of having the majority of First years there, meaning it’s a lot of fun and there’ll often be other rowers making their way to the boathouse. Applications for Halls open on 29th March and close on 10th May. Applications after this will only be considered after the first round of CAO offers so it is important to get your application in and get a provisional offer.

Q: What are the facilities in DUBC like?

In terms of our fleet, we have some of the best boats in the country including four Empacher 8s, four fillipi fours and quads, 10 pairs and array of singles. For land training we have a brand new set of 16 concept 2 ergs and 14 RP3s which allows for great team sessions and variation in training. We also have full use of the High performance gym on campus for our S&C sessions.

Q: I rowed as a junior, but have taken a break from the sport. Will I be able to train with you straight away?

Absolutely, the squad operates on a submission basis, everyone sending in the same training and rowing together on the water. You will be given full opportunity to train as long as you show commitment and dedication.

Q: I’m moving to Dublin from the country, will it be possible for me to return home some weekends?

Rowing requires a lot of training and commitment, however, everyone understands the need for a balance with your personal life. Arrangements can be made in these cases such as doing an extra session during the week, or running when you go home. As long as you communicate with the coaches there won’t be a problem.

Q: What Regattas/Heads does the club attend?

The club attends all the major regattas across Ireland, with the whole squad attending events such as Erne head, University Championships, Dublin Met, Skibbereen regatta, Lough Rynn regatta, Cork regatta, and the Irish national championships. Along with this, the club has one on one match races with UCD, through Dublin city centre, and Queens in Belfast. We also attend many overseas events, including the Head of the Charles regatta in Boston, USA, London met regatta, Henley royal regatta and the Head of the river. Along with this, we have our week-long winter training camp, usually held in Enniskillen.

Q: Is rowing in college very expensive?

It is understood how difficult it is to balance training and college, so holding down a job too is very difficult. To combat this, the club tries to subsidise all travel expenses throughout the year, to alleviate some of the expense incurred. Along with this, the club runs a summer camp in the summer and employs the oarsmen, providing an enjoyable, low stress job which fits in well around your rowing training.

Q: I can only Scull/Sweep. Will this be a problem?

This is definitely not a problem. We have many oarsmen in the club who could only sweep or scull before joining DUBC. We have good variety in our training, rowing in sweep and sculling boats, along with fantastic coaching from our group of volunteer coaches who will get you up to speed in no time.

Q: If I have my own single, can I bring it with me?

We have a few private sculls stored currently and there would be no issue making room for another.

Q: Do you cater for lightweights?

Absolutely, we have a few lightweights in the squad currently. You will be able to receive support and advice from John, our S&C coach, on lightweight specific training and nutrition.

Q: How will crew selection work?

Crew selection is based off your training, testing and dedication throughout the year. This is through on water time trials, erg tests and if there are two athletes very close to one another, there may be a seat race. Crew selection will be entirely based on merit and athletes who have been in the squad longer will not have an extra advantage.

Q: My course has a lot of hours, will I have time to row?

The coaches will be more than happy to make arrangements with you in regards to training. As long as you show dedication and make an effort, they will be flexible and help you as much as they can. Many of the erg sessions we have are in our own time and there will be many time slots for the S&C sessions, so there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Q: How do I contact the coach and get involved with the squad?

You can contact our Captain, Isabel Doyle by email at Captain@duboatclub.com. Isabel will get you into our group chats and get you involved in our sessions on the water.

Q: Does the club have many social events?

We have many nights out throughout the year. The highlights of the year, are Boat Ball in November, Trial 8s in February and Trinity regatta later in the season.

Q: Is the club looking for new coxes?

Absolutely, the club is always looking for new and experienced coxes. The coxes take a central role in our squad, being the leaders around the club and providing support and coaching on the water and during erg tests.

Q: Do many international students row for DUBC?

We have had many international students all the way from first years to PhD students. We have had athletes from America, France, Britain and Germany. It is a great way to build a support network in college and a group of friends early on, especially when moving to a new country.