Trinity Rowing Seville 2013

Seville Training Camp
Date: 04/01/2013
Duration: 9 days
Venue: La Cartuja, Seville, Spain
Costs: Food, Accommodation, Boat Hire, Bus: €450
Flights: €150 approx.

On the 4th of January DUBC embarked on the annual training camp at the Centre of High Performance Rowing in Seville. It was 8 days of intensive training with temperatures of 20 degrees where most of the athletes completed 200km on the water. The regular day had 3 sessions; a morning of races, which ranged from rate 20 2000m pieces to free rate head races, a core workout before lunch and a long paddle up through the town in the afternoon. Gerry was very pleased with the performance of the athletes and the general attitude towards the training camp.

We befriended a small group of athletes from Norway who are training for the U23 World Championships. They joined us in a 6000m head race and free rate 1000m pieces. We even decided to swap coaches for a training session, which we found very interesting and helpful. On the final day of our training camp Gerry organised a 2000m race with a DUBC/NOR composite against a Senior Men’s Crew from Downing, Cambridge who kindly allowed us to borrow their Filippi eight and Senior Cox. It was a positive result with the Composite crew winning by 20 seconds.

Photos from Seville