List of Silverware

D.U.B.C. Silver
Listed on 29/03/95
Cups Trophies and Prizes
Captains of Dublin University Boat Club and Dublin University Rowing Club

  1. The Ladies Challenge Cup (Inter. I VIIIs), 1898
  2. The Allied Irish Bank Perpetual Trophy, 1979
  3. The Chapelizod Challenge Cup (Inter. IV), 1874
  4. The Dublin Metropolitan Cup (Presented by George V), 1911
  5. The C.H.R.C. Challenge Cup (Glenbrook)
  6. The (Irish Vintners Ltd.) St. Raphael Perpetual Challenge Cup (Vet. VIIIs)
  7. The D.U.R.C. Challenge Cup (Presented by the Miller Brothers), 1872
  8. The Elite Pairs Cup
  9. The Triton Challenge Cup (Senior Pairs), 1865
  10. The Blacrock Challenge Cup (The Emerald Challenge, Senior Sculls), 1878
  11. The Glenbrook Cup (The Lady Elizabeth Challenge Cup for Senior Fours)
  12. The Pembroke R.C. Cup, 1871
  13. The Arnott Challenge Cup (Novice VIIIs), 1886
  14. The Dodder Challenge Cup (Veteran Sculls)
  15. The Kings Hospital Challenge Cup (Junior IVs)
  16. The John Craig Memorial Cup, 1928
  17. The D.U.B.C. Junior Pairs Cup
  18. The Douglas Naughton Memorial Cup, 1928
  19. The Bruce Rogers Trophy (Miller Brothers)
  20. Dublin Metropolitan Regatta, 1869 (The Liffey Cup, now Islandbridge Cup)
  21. The Islandbridge Challenge Cup, 1864
  22. The John Craig Davidson Cup, for Junior Pairs, (now Freshman Sculls)
  23. The John Craig Davidson Cup
  24. The McCauley Challenge Cup (Junior A IVs), 1979
  25. The Sir Arthur Ball Challenge Cup (Invitation VIIIs), 1934
  26. The Committee Cup (Junior 18A Sculls)
  27. The John Craig Davidson Memorial Cup (Junior IVs), 1929
  28. The Frank J Usher Memorial Cup (Fixed Seat Pairs), 1923
  29. The John Monk Gibbon Memorial Cup (Junior Sculls), 1935
  30. University Boat Race, Killarney, 1943
  31. The Towers Cup (Inter 2 VIIIs)
  32. (Portadown B.C.) The Orby Cup (Women’s Novice Sculls), 1969
  33. The Charlton Challenge Cup (Senior Doubles), 1992
  34. The Metropolitan Cup, 1870
  35. The Diamond Sculls (Henley R.R., 1900) Trophy
  36. The St. John’s School R.C. Trophy (Junior Pairs)
  37. The Harbinson Challenge Cup (Novice IVs), 1914
  38. The Women’s Novice Fours Trophy (Presented by D.U.L.B.C.)
  39. Tankard presented to J. Shannon (Cox)
  40. Limerick B.C. Centenary Regatta Plaque, 1970
  41. Trial VIIIs Snuff-Box, 1868
  42. Letter-Opener
  43. Angel (from the top of some trophy)
    Various Bases

List compiled by John Mohan, Simon Clements and Micheal O’Connell