Club Records Index

Index of Boat Club records contained in the Manuscripts Department of Trinity College Library Dublin

If you are a former member who would like to view some of the Boat Club records, please contact the club by email. Material needs to be requested in advance; a current member will do this for you and accompany you to the library.

The best way to learn about the history of the club is to read Raymond Blake’s book, In Black and White: A History of Rowing at Trinity College Dublin.

Material submitted since 2004 has not yet been catalogued.
Manuscripts Department, Trinity College Library
DU Boat Club 1867, 1898
incorporating DU Rowing Club 1835, merged 1898

Call number Description
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/1 Pembroke Rowing Club minute book, 1836-67
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/2/1 DU Rowing Club minute book, 1867-78
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/2/2 DU Rowing Club minute book, 1878-88
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/2/3 DU Boat Club minute book, 11 May – 12 November 1898; 12 November 1898-1922
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/2/4 DU Boat Club minute book, 1922-39
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/2/5 DU Boat Club minute book, 1939-59
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/2/6 DU Boat Club minute book, 1959-68
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/2/7 DU Boat Club minute book, 1968-78
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/2a DU Boat Club general committee book, 1840-56
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/3/1 Captain’s book, 1884-1888
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/3/2 Captain’s book, 1929-35
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/3/3 Captain’s book, 1935-1951
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/3a/1 Misc. record book, 1898-1951
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/4 Rough minute book [captain’s, personal], 1872-1876
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/5/1 Regatta committee minute book, 1898-1928
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/5/2 Regatta committee minute book, 1942-67
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/6/1 Membership proposal book, 1853-62
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/6/2 Membership proposal book, 1862-71
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/6/3 Membership proposal book, 1871-77
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/6/4 Membership proposal book, 1877-85
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/6/5 Membership proposal book, 1885-98
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/6/6 Membership proposal book, 1898-1935
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/7 Associate candidates’ proposal book, 1873-91
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/8/1 Ballot book, 1872-80
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/8/2 Ballot book, 1880-88
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/9 Visitor’s proposal book 1871-1891; 1895
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/10/1 Membership list, 1836-1846
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/10/2 Membership list, 1853-98
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/10/3 Membership lists, 1879-82
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/10/4 Membership lists, 1905-14
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/10/5 Membership lists, 1905-20; 1937
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/10/6-8 Address books, 1946-79
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/11/1 Regatta record book (winning crews), 1898-1914
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/11/2 Regatta record book (winning crews), 1951-63
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/11/3 Regatta record book (winning crews), 1963-69
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/12 Record book of times and distances, 1959-68
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/13 Log book (records of performance), 1960-62
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/14 Winning crews (Challenge cups), 1898-1914
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/15 Match book II, 1873-77
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/16 Subscribers to Ladies Challenge Cup (red leather album in cloth case)
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/17/1 Debenture issue book, 1898
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/17/2 Debenture interest book, 1900-03
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/17/3 Debenture interest book, 1904-14
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/18/1 Treasurer’s account book, 1870-80
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/18/2 Treasurer’s account book, 1889-1904
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/18/3 Treasurer’s account book, 1904-23
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/18/4 Treasurer’s account book, 1923-28
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/18/5 Treasurer’s account book, 1928-67 (discontinued)
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/19/1 House and grounds committee minute book, 1929-43
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/19/2 House and grounds committee (function administration [1967], function finances [1967-69]
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/20/1 House and grounds committee account book, 1941-46
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/20/2 House and grounds committee account book, 1946-58
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/20/3 House and grounds committee account book (function analysis book), 1964-69
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/20/4 House and grounds committee accounts, 1965/66
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/21 House and grounds committee rough account book, 1960/61
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/22/1 Boats signature book D.U. Rowing Club, 1852-71
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/22/2 Boats signature book D.U. Rowing Club, 1872-82
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/23 Suggestion book, 1853-81
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/24 D.U. Rowing fund account book, 1875-91 (kept with MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/18/1)
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/25 Stock book, n.d.
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/26/1 DU Rowing Club photograph album
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/26/2 Photograph album – River Liffey from Islandbridge to Lucan
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/26/3 Centenary Trinity Regatta, DUBC, 1866-1966
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/27/1-4 Press cutting books:
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/27/1 Rowing and racing, 1857-59
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/27/2 Various sports, 1861-66
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/27/3 Rowing and boat club (regattas), 1872-73
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/27/4 Rowing and athletics, 1879-98
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/28 Gannon Cup Book (annual boat race between DUBC and UCD – the team that wins the race one year have to organise it the following year) containing advice to the Gannon secretary on how to organize the race, 1966-1984
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/28a Five contact prints of [DUBC Gannon Cup rowing team], [1979]
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/28 Transferred by Prof. TT West, Chairman DUCAC 15 November 2001
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/V/29 Aan de Boorden (1848-1998), 150 jaar roeien in Amsterdam (On the boards, 150 years rowing in Amsterdam) which was produced to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Koninklijke Amsterdamsche Roei & Zeilvereeniging ‘De Hoop’ (Royal Amsterdam Rowing and Sailing Society ‘Hoop’) that was presented by this Dutch rowing club to the Dublin University Boat Club on the occasion of the 100th Trinity Regatta 2003. Presented by Mr Chris Nicholson, DUBC, 20 June 2003
  1. Papers concerning Henley fund, 1960-62
  2. Papers concerning Henley fund, 1963-65
  3. Centenary regatta, 1966
  4. Centenary regatta, 1967
  5. Centenary regatta, 1968
  6. Hon. Treasurer’s papers, 1964-65
  7. Hon. Treasurer’s papers, 1966-67
  8. Hon. Treasurer’s papers, 1967-68
  9. Hon. Treasurer’s papers, 1968-69
  10. House and grounds receipts, 1967-67
  1. Accounts for functions
  2. House and grounds receipts, 1967-68
  3. Travelling and other expenses of officers, 1967
  4. Bank statements, bills etc, 1966
  5. Grant applications, 1965-66
  6. Notices, duplicate letters, and accounts, 1964
  7. Use of Islandbridge towpath, 1938-43
  8. Grants from DUCAC (forms), 1936-62
  1. Correspondence found loose, 1869-1966
  2. Misc. papers found loose, including memorial to the board, 1919
  1. List of officers and members, 19th century
  2. Captain’s reports, 1903-47
  1. Captain’s reports, 1949-74
  2. Balance sheets, 1954-65
  3. Annual dance, 1959-70
  4. House and grounds accounts, 1960s
  1. Grant applications, 1963-65
  2. Grant statements, 1963-66
  3. Centenary regatta, 1966
  4. Misc. correspondence, 1965-69
  1. Misc. correspondence, 1967-68
  2. Misc. correspondence, 1969
  3. Misc. correspondence, 1968-73
  4. Misc. correspondence, 1969-73
  5. Misc. correspondence, 1964-74
  6. Misc. papers, including valuation of cups 1969, and of house and grounds 1921 and paper concerning appeals for funds
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/Box VII Papers received from Judge Green debentures, 1930s
Papers concerning redemption of mortgage and debentures, 1930s
Correspondence concerning redemption of mortgage and debentures, 1933-42
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/Box VIII Miscellaneous correspondence and accounts, 1920s
Bar committee accounts, 1904-07
Special fund account book, 1913
Comparison of accounts, 1898-1908
Rough account book, 1908-11
Miscellaneous accounts, 1880-1925
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/Box IX Petty cash receipts, 1964-65
Petty cash receipts, 1965-66
Petty cash receipts, 1966-67
Miscellaneous correspondence and accounts, 1934; 1967
Bank statements, cheques, cheque stubs and lodgement receipts, 1960s
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/Box X Letters of resignation from D.U. Rowing Club, 1867
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1845-1922
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/Box XI Legal documents 1845, 1898, 1905, 1911, 1918, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1933, 1934, 1936, 1938, 1941;

1. Particulars of premises to be sold by Jas. North, auctioneers, 21 March 1905
2. Particulars of sale of salmon pool, Islandbridge, Dublin, 5 December 1922
3-4. Legal agreement 1845
5. Legal agreement 1911 with letter
6-7. Legal agreement 1918
8-19. Legal agreement 1923 (5), 1924, 1933 (3), 1934 (3)
20-23. Legal agreements 1936 (2), 1938 (2)
24. Legal agreement 1941
25. Abstract of lease 1898

11 other folders of material separated out and are kept beside Box XI (20/11/1996)

MUN/CLUB/BOAT/Box XII Correspondence, 1932-55
Correspondence, 1971-74
Winning sheets, 1911, 1942-43, 1964-65
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/Box XIII Crew lists and related papers, 1969-71
Miscellaneous correspondence
Lists of club officers, late 19th century
List of records in captain’s box, June 1950
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/Box XIV Miscellaneous loose photographs of crews and social functions
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/Box XV Half-tone and line blocks (for use in posters etc) and other objects
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/Box XVI Regatta programmes other than DUBC
Trial eights supper menus 1950s and 1960s
Miscellaneous printed matter (mainly club rules)
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/P/1 Regatta July 8 1911: band programme of 1st battalion Royal Fusiliers
On silk
Presented by Dr John V Luce, Department of Classics, 20 June 1996
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/P/2 ‘The Bible’, a folder containing songs used by the DU Boat Club, mostly anonymous verse, with some prose, and miscellanea (one Giles printed cartoon; one photocopied cartoon strip),
some manuscript, some typed, a few items printed (presscuttings)
mostly on quarto paper of various origins,
includes some of E.E Cummings’ verse (typed), has one sketch (of a crew rowing, by ACBW).
Only one piece has its music (Greenstamps). Two items are on the versos of DU Boat Club publicity material.
Contains lists of songs 1951, 1984 and other [unrelated] undated lists of songs.
Presented by the Boat Club (who hold two xerox copies of all the contents)
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/P/3 Letter from the Junior Dean 6 December 1993 banning the Boat Club from Commons and fining it £50.(MUN/CLUB/BOAT/P/2, 3 were transferred by the Boat Club (via James Lindsay- Fynn) 17 July 1997)
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/P/4 Material relating to the repair and presentation to the College of two portraits of unidentified men possibly painted by Jeremiah Hodges Mulcahy.
Papers presented by Dr Thomas Clive Lee, MB, MSc (1981), RCSI, 19 September 1997.
(MUN/CLUB/BOAT/ROLLS/1-32 were formerly parts of MUN/CLUB/BOAT/ ‘ROLLS II-III’.)
MUN/CLUB/BOAT/Photographs 1-3 three photos so marked were Roll II